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Our courses take place via a live telephone conference, typically over several sessions.

Beyond Believing (course) A recent Gallup poll reported that 86% of all American adults believed in God. "Belief in God" is the primary way many of us describe our relationship to the Greater Reality. But why settle for believing in God, or even for some "spiritual experiences" now and then, when the tangible, ego-melting, suffering-dissolving Revelation of Real God, pervading, washing, and dissolving "you" again and again (through a lifetime of Spiritual practice), would utterly transform your life, and fulfill your heart's otherwise unendingly unfulfilled desire for perfect happiness?

The intention of this course is to help the student discover true religion, "re-ligio", the lifetime practice of genuinely "re-connecting" with God moment to moment, which necessarily depends on a steady, unrelenting and very potent source of Divine Revelation. The result of such steady and genuine practice is Spiritual Realization, the fundamental and permanent shift in one's sense of (and conclusions about) Reality and self, in which God is completely and tangibly obvious in every moment as Divine Presence and ultimately Realized as our True Self.   

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Beyond Believing

Beyond Life and Death (course) Does your life have a purpose? If so, is it one that isn't going to get instantly ripped off when you die? Many of us spend our lives denying death, allowing ourselves to be completely consumed and distracted by our responsibilities, our indulgences, and our search for things we cannot take with us after death in any overt form. But death is still coming. What will occur after we die? This question can be answered, on the basis of a large body of reports across the centuries on near-death experiences, after-life experiences, reincarnation experiences, paranormal phenomena, and the direct awareness of Spiritual Masters as well as by studying the laws of the psyche as we observe it in life, to predict its destiny after death. True wisdom takes into account while we are still alive both our mortality and what we are likely to carry with us after death (and the destiny that creates), and uses the course of a lifetime proactively, for the purpose of self-understanding, communion with That which is beyond life and death, and, ultimately, Awakening completely from the dream of life and death.

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Beyond Life and Death: Course