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Beyond Believing CD

Beyond Believing (CD)

On this CD, Dr. Chris Tong gives a talk on his book, Beyond Believing.

A recent Gallup poll reported that 86% of all American adults believed in God. "Belief in God" is the primary way many of us describe our relationship to the Greater Reality. But why settle for believing in God, or even for some "spiritual experiences" now and then, when the tangible, ego-melting, suffering-dissolving Revelation of Real God, pervading, washing, and dissolving "you" again and again (through a lifetime of Spiritual practice), would utterly transform your life, and fulfill your heart's otherwise unendingly unfulfilled desire for perfect happiness?

The intention of Dr. Tong's book and CD is to help the student discover true religion, "re-ligio", the lifetime practice of genuinely "re-connecting" with God moment to moment, which necessarily depends on a steady, unrelenting and very potent source of Divine Revelation. The result of such steady and genuine practice is Spiritual Realization, the fundamental and permanent shift in one's sense of (and conclusions about) Reality and self, in which God is completely and tangibly obvious in every moment as Divine Presence and ultimately Realized as our True Self.

3 Tracks
Total Running Time: 70 minutes
price: $15.95