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The BEYOND EVERYTHING® Education Program

On a practical level, "beyond" involves "transcendence" — transcendence of oneself and transcendence of everything else. Our BEYOND EVERYTHING® education program (books, CDs, and courses) is designed to serve several purposes:

  • to give students a real taste for the nature of transcendence (of self and others); how we tend to settle for less; and how to recognize when we are settling for less.

  • to train students to know the difference between self-transcendence and self-improvement (which accounts for the vast majority of "personal growth" programs in existence today).

  • to educate students in the variety of greater human and spiritual destinies that are possible with the help of transcendence (of self and others), and the integral connection between complete self-transcendence and Perfect, Eternal Happiness.
Dr. Chris Tong The BEYOND EVERYTHING® education program has been designed by Dr. Chris Tong. An award-winning university professor, Dr. Tong has been involved in spiritual education (teaching, giving workshops, writing books, running retreats, etc.) since 1989.